Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool Site

While trying to get word of my book out there, I came across a blogger who was incredibly helpful. Her blog has links to other blogs and websites that review YA books. She was even kind enough to email some people about my book, so to thank her, I'm dedicating this post to her blogs. If you enjoy reading reviews of YA books (hopefully one day my book will be up there), then check her out!

Thank you so much, Elaine!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Go Downtown, or to Stay Home and Be Lazy

That is the question. The answer: stay home and be lazy. The weather is beautiful, however it is also pollenated. I take over the counter allergy medication, but in this part of SC pollen still dominates. My eyes are slightly itchy, and I woke up with a headache. So going downtown and writing on the waterfront seems appealing in theory, but really it isn't all that great of an experience. Especially because I'm so ADD that every tourist who walks by will steal my focus no matter how old they are.

I remember seeing an episode of "Family Guy" one time that made fun of writers who take their laptops to Starbucks. It implied that writers have to be "watched" while doing their work, and maybe that's true for some people, but I have a feeling that the majority of writers have the same philosphy as I do. While writing in a public place can lead to distraction, there are many more distractions at home. For me, that includes getting up frequently to get a drink, go to the bathroom, but most of the time it means letting the dogs in or out. If I have my laptop in a public place, I'm going to stay in one spot with it. If I need to use the bathroom, it's going with me, and packing it up, taking it to the bathroom, and then unpacking it and getting back to work take too much effort.

The biggest reason why coffee shops are such hotspots for writers, is because unless you've made a ton of money off your books, then odds are you can't afford an office. Writing in a public place gives the feeling of being at an office, and an "office mentality" probably means you're most likely to get a lot of work done.

Also, the majority of writers are shy, introverted people. So to imply that they go out in public to be "watched" just makes an ass out of you and me.

For today, I'm going to do my work from home. Mostly, because I'm enjoying watching my fat dog, Joey, react to my dad cleaning up around the house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Up!

My book The Misfit of Supernatural High is now up on Barnes&Noble and Amazon. At the end of this post are links for both websites. An ereading device isn't even necessary as long as you don't mind reading a book off of the computer. Some people don't like that, which is totally understandable, but sometimes I like reading from my computer. Mostly it's because I'm already on my computer so frequently as it is that I'm used to it, but sometimes I get a crick in my neck from looking down at books when I read.

As much as I adore digital format, I still read hard copies of books, and I will continue to do so as long as they don't "die out" like everyone fears that they will. I really love my kindle, but I'm scared to take it in the bath with me, because if I drop it in the tub that could be bad news bears for the kindle and myself. But there's just something so wonderful about holding an actual book in your hand that isn't comparable to reading one on the kindle, but don't take that to mean I think one is better than the other. Pardon the cliche, but I'm definately a "have my cake, and eat it too, and then eat some more of it" kind of gal.

So far I know of at least three copies have been sold. Amazon lets you see how many copies are sold from their website, but Barnes&Noble doesn't have that feature. I only know that they sold at least one, because my friend, Chris, told me he was buying it. I'm pretty sure the other two people would probably prefer to remain anonymous, but they know who they are, and I thank them for supporting me. Chris can only remain anonymous in last name, because I'm pretty sure he won't care if I name him on here. Either way, he doesn't have a choice now. Love and miss you, buddy!

So here are the links I promised. This first one is for Amazon:

And here is B&N:

Also I'm going to plug my website. You can learn more about me at

Saturday, March 12, 2011


For years now I've wanted to be a published author. Ok, so maybe I didn't go about it the "traditional" way (although, by golly I tried!) by landing an agent, publishing house, and getting my book in print. So what? My books will still be available to the public for a reasonable fee, and that's what really matters. Thanks to ebooks, authors can self-publish with very little hassle, and I think that's terrific! I get to share my stories with the world, and if it weren't for ebook, then I wouldn't be able to do that as easily. Plus I still get to make a little money off of them, but I don't expect to make a whole lot. I don't care about being rich and famous, I just want to make a living and have my own small fanbase.

These past few days of building a website, getting the book online, creating author pages and a blog, have been hectic, but they're all wonderful reminders that I'll soon be a published author. I'll make another post as soon as the book is officially up since it takes 24-72 hours for it to go online.